Toledo Reef Aquarium Club (TRAC)

Purpose of TRAC

The Toledo Reef Aquarium Club is a non profit organization whose purpose  is to encourage the growth of the aquarium hobby ("The hobby"); to educate and inform the members and the public about the care, keeping, and propagation of marine and freshwater fish and invertebrates; to promote and support efforts to eliminate abuses in collecting and transporting marine and freshwater organisms; to prevent abuse to marine and freshwater animals in general, and to conserve the marine and freshwater environment by promoting intelligent, planned management systems; to promote the growth of societies within the hobby which approve and reflect the goals of the corporation. The corporation is nonprofit and does not issue stock.

History of TRAC

The dream of the Toledo Reef Aquarium Club started in the spring of 2002.  The club was initially created by Douglas Roth aka (AnnArborBuck) and Scott Cline (Aquatic Aquaman).  The organization originally started out under the acronym TARA (Toledo Area Reef Association).  TARA had two meetings one in April and one in May and didn't meet again.  TARA's failure was believed to have resulted in not having a strong purpose.  Since the failure of TARA Doug and Scott reformed and tried their hands again at creating a club that would have an everlasting affect on the Toledo community and have a strong purpose working with education.  This resulted in the creation of The Toledo Reef Aquarium Club (TRAC) in the spring of 2003.  The club started out with 6 remaining members of TARA.  Four of which who remain a strong part of TRAC today.  The idea of TRAC was to be a club for the community.  Thinking out side of the box the membership base of the club would be free to all individuals to draw in a larger membership and have a greater sense of community.  The clubs funds would be generated based on sponsorship and club events and activities.  In the spring of 2007 the Toledo Reef Aquarium Club became an club for the aquarium hobby, including members from marine to freshwater aquarist.

TRAC Today

Toledo Reef Aquarium Club is a non profit organization registered in the State of Ohio.  A copy of our filing can be found HERE.  The organization is currently working with the Frank Dick Natural Science and Technology Center a part of the Toledo Public School System.  Today the Toledo Reef Aquarium Club has facilited in the donation of two marine aquariums to the school for the purpose of spiking interest in science and encouraging higher education.  As an organization we continue to strive for the purpose of education not only for the children but also for ourselves.  The Toledo Reef Aquarium Club bylaws were created in April of 2006 and are updated as the organization continues to grow.

Board Members

Mailing Address

Toledo Reef Aquarium Club
PO Box 352665
Toledo, OH 43635


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